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Coaches are a critical component of Special Olympics’ work. A coach is a key figure in an athlete’s life, providing the sports skills and spirit that define a true athlete. Coaches serve as role models and character builders, giving Special Olympics athletes awareness of their worth, ability, courage and capacity to grow and improve. Special Olympics coaches also have a direct impact on athletes’ lives by helping them acquire skills that can influence their abilities to obtain employment, succeed in school and achieve personal goals.

To become a Special Olympics coach, all you need is a compassionate nature, a desire to help others and a lot of enthusiasm.

You can apply to be a coach today, by filling the form below:

I hereby pledge & undersign to be a Volunteer Coach for Special Olympics Nigeria, developing after my training a Special Olympics unit or Program in my Community, Centre, Institution or School
I am willing to become part of the volunteer trainer team to train other Nigerian coaches
Having fully understood the implications and commitment to attend this Coaches training program- I agree to the above conditions.